DIIGO (Delicious, Google Bookmarks)

1. Highlighting the text as you read it. (It reminds you why thought this information was important in the first place.)
2. Diigo toolbar allows you to bookmark, search, highlight, and organize from the toolbar.
3. Make comments on the page. Another reader can see your comment.
4.Send comments to Facebook or Twitter.
5. You can create groups and collaborate
6. Bookmarks capture the entire page - search full text of the material bookmarked
  • If site goes down, the information is still available
7. Use the RSS feed capability to collect bookmarks and send them to an aggregator like Google Reader
8. Educators can create accounts for an entire class which protects student privacy
  • Diigo Teacher Accounts
  • As a teacher, you can create a free teacher account through which you can create student accounts. Diigo's student accounts require no email address, can be kept private, and can also be grouped so that students can share resources they find with each other. When you set up the accounts all you do is enter the students' first name and first initial of their last name and Diigo does the rest. You can also import a CSV file if you have a lot of names.

1. Students find it complicated
2. Since there is so much information, students need to really understand tagging

VIDEO: "Social Bookmarking: Using Diigo in the Classroom." (6:29) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nwealu6W2vY

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Diigo isn't perfect for everything.
  1. Students don't find it easy to use without being a good introduction.
  2. Librarians -- LM_NET

Evernote is a simpler interface
  1. Import any URL
  2. Import e-mail which automatically saves the entire e-mail including the header
  3. Use the iPhone, iTouch, or iPad application for mobile retrieval of information
  4. Can scan handwritten material and save
  5. Capture information using the voice note feature in Evernote for iPhone
  6. Can create notebooks and share with RSS feed

  • Evernote client downloaded always available with Evernote clipper
  • Save e-mail and tag into categories
  • Create notebooks
  • Share notebooks from online version
  • Video note using built-in camera

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  1. Unique Web address
  2. 3 visibility options: Private, Anyone with the link (unlisted phone number), Public on the Web (indexed)
  3. Edit access
  4. Documents - Spreadsheets - Presentations - Drawings - Forms
  5. Google Reader - Google Calendar - Gmail
    • Open document > SHARE button > Share with others > Add e-mail > Invite collaborators
    • Copy URL and send to others
    • Other person can made changes and save
    • TOOLS > Revision history (Can revert to an earlier version)
    • Can use Skype or telephone to make changes at the same time

DROPBOX - Store and share files online

No more jump drive! All files are synced across all computers through the Web. If you
  • Work over multiple computers
  • Use as backup source because files are stored on the Web
  • Easy to share files > Public folder

  1. Install Dropbox
  2. Go to Dropbox client
  3. Share a file
  4. Place a file in the PUBLIC FOLDER - each file has its own URL
    • Dropbox > File in Public Folder > Right click to Dropbox > Copy public link
    • Send URL in e-mail, post on blog, wiki, etc.
  5. Share a folder
    1. Dropbox > Folder > Right click to Dropbox > Share this folder > Type in e-mail address(s)
    2. Once folders shared, can put files in and will be shared immediately with the other person
  6. Sharing photos
    1. Built-in photo gallery
    2. Move photos to the photo folder > Creates a photo album automatically > With URL for sharing
      1. Control-click folder > Dropbox > Copy Public Gallery Link
      2. Add URL to an e-mail
      3. Open up photo album with a discrete URL